We are rightly proud of what we can achieve when it comes to looking after our clients’ interests.

We leave out no detail when restoring luxury cars for our clients.  Whether a restoration includes subtle or comprehensive modifications, or in the case of a factory specification restoration when the automobile was brand new, we ensure that everything is perfect.

Even when you simply need to replace original parts that have been compromised, our portfolio of partners and resources allows us to find exactly what you are looking for completed by authentication and provenance retrieval.


With our international network of the highest quality suppliers, we may assist in localising special parts for your collector automobiles.


With our historical database, we specialise in being able to restore your collector automobile to the original specification from when it left its factory floor.


Blending the original specification with bespoke modifications decided by the client, we also specialise in restoring your collector automobile just how you would like it to be.

Our core specialty and passion, based upon the taste of our founder, Rami Georgiou-Botaris.  We are builders of the Classic Edition, where we take a classic car and completely restore it with new parts so that it becomes a brand new car while retaining its classical aesthetics and heritage.

A completely bespoke project where we here we take a classic car, completely restore it while at the same time redesigning it based upon our founder's taste and specifications, so that it becomes a brand new car with classic touches but with modern conveniences.

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