“So much more than automobiles.” This philosophy comes from Rami Georgiou-Botaris – and we are so committed to upholding it that we have added an extra dimension: the luxury service for our customers, who regard the best as only just good enough.

Every automobile is unique. They are as unique as each of our international customers with extraordinary personalities with superlative standards. Owning such a work of art is a great responsibility – and we feel the same responsibility towards our customers too. After all, striving for automotive perfection also includes perfect service.

Examples of this include the custom car features and professional, dedicated consultation provided by our design department. Our clientele will travel anywhere in the world to come to us for any service, maintenance or repairs on their collector cars. We offer exclusive tour and racetrack events that offer our customers a unique experience. Because if it’s not memorable, it can’t be us.


Choosing a collector car is more than just choosing a mode of transportation - it's an expression of your outlook on life. As well as a unique car, customers can expect unique service that is individually tailored to their personal requirements.

Our servicing and restoration programs are comparable to a concierge service at a five-star hotel. The Company's personnel are experienced, highly qualified engineers and technicians, who work with their teams to look after customer cars all over the world. Customers can contact them 24/7 for an immediate response to their requests and questions.



Two things are extremely important to our customers: knowing that they own an exclusively built modified restoration, and having a car that itself is utterly exclusive. That is why individualisation and customisation play such a big role at Georgiou-Botaris Automobile Couture.



The events that Georgiou-Botaris Automobile Couture organises for its customers are as unique and exclusive as the restored cars coming from its atelier.

They are also an opportunity for customers to experience the brand first-hand and spend time with other members of the Company family - both owners and brand representatives.

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