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For Rami Georgiou-Botaris; the company founder, it has always been a dream to take his expertise and passion for collector automobiles and offer the most exclusive luxury service in this respect to owners of such works of art.

When it comes to such exclusive investments, among many other services for your rare automobile(s), you need look no further than Georgiou-Botaris Automobile Couture.


Fronted by the company's namesake, Georgiou-Botaris Automobile Couture opened its doors more than five years ago and very quickly became famed for its unique levels of high quality work, expert service and attention to detail.

The relationship that any custodian has with a car is one that cannot be replaced, from the emotions that arise when simply looking at it, driving it, the excitement of listening to melodic exhaust notes as the mechanics function harmoniously, and lastly, the smell of the fine materials that surround the driver and passengers.


And now dozens of owners of some of the most precious, rare and spectacular automobiles entrust our team and our expertise with looking after and restoring their cars.  Discreet, professional and highly dedicated service is very difficult to come by in the automotive sector but this is a way of life adopted at Georgiou-Botaris Automobile Couture.  Nothing but the best will do. 

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