Whether for a brand new or classic automobile, we ensure that such works of art remain perfectly presentable with à la carte protection levels.  We are experts, specialised in the different material compositions and automobile brand finishes. Your prized possession will always garner interest and appreciation for the quality of its finish, complemented with your peace of mind covered by our extensive warranties.


Our signature program for classic collector automobiles.  Not a car wash, not detailing; a complete and permanent cosmetic restoration and protection program where everything permissible and accessible is covered.  By annual program or as a one-off treatment, complemented by our extensive warranty giving you piece of mind as to the possibilities, the quality as well as the durability of our work.


Whether a complete restoration of a luxury collector automobile to original specification, or as a modified restoration incorporating original specialised performance, aesthetic and mechanical parts, we take pride in the quality of our work and offering to our international clientele of automobile collectors.  We leave out no detail when restoring cars for our clients.  Whether a restoration includes subtle or comprehensive modifications, or in the case of a factory specification restoration when the automobile was brand new, we ensure that everything is perfect.



Factory trained by the factory, we perfectly and permanently protect both brand new and classic collector automobiles with Xpel paint protection film.  You will have the peace of mind that your investment remains perfectly shielded, with the film being able to regenerate itself after being scratched as well as being able to absorb light to slightly medium impacts.  All of this, covered by a 10 year warranty in addition to the warranty of our work.



When purchasing a vehicle, especially when potentially thinking of spending millions of dollars for the rarest of collector automobiles, it becomes essential to obtain a specialised and reliable opinion.



If you are thinking of selling your collector automobile, your prized possession; then there is no need to look any further.  Georgiou-Botaris Automobile Couture will handle all aspects of the sale from start to finish.


We are able to preserve and maintain your collector automobile's original patina, we may restore it to original factory condition or in any way that you wish to do so. Our expertise covers what type of engine oil to use, driving frequency and methods to be adopted, as well as the full cosmetic preservation covering the exterior as well as the interior of the automobile.

Nothing is left without inspection, but everything is transparently presented to you to ensure that you experience a truly exclusive and pleasurable collector automobile experience.

We strive to offer the highest quality workmanship

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